JOHANN GOTTLIEB JANITSCH (1708-1763): Sinfonie in E Flat, G, E, B, G and F.

Catalogue Number: 11O026

Label: Cypr├Ęs

Reference: CYP1658

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: These symphonies only survive because Christoph Graupner made a copy of them for performance at Darmstadt (the Allies took care of Frederick the Great's musical archive in their destruction of Berlin). From their use of two horns they are most likely to be dated after 1740 (there are also a single flute and oboe); all are in three movements and represent fine examples of the early German symphony, many of their movements with tunes that will stick in your mind for some time. Antichi Strumenti; Laura Tofetti, Tobias Bonz.


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