ANTONIO RODRÍGUEZ DE HITA (1722-1787): Misa "O gloriosa Virginum".

Catalogue Number: 11O027

Label: Lauda

Reference: LAU009

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Another forgotten composer of the Spanish Enlightenment is retrieved in the reconstruction of a 1771 mass for the Virgin Mary. The actual music of the mass is augmented by the appropriate plainchant and purely instrumental sections (like Mozart's "Church Sonatas"); sung and instrumental music for the preceding and closing processionals are also included. The music is in a mixed style beginning with a centuries-old Spanish hymn used as a cantus firmus and also employs aspects of Italian opera buffa-type music; elements of old polychoral style with modern counterpoint/ homophony alternation, etc. Luxury packaging with a long and well-translated note on the composer's life, work and importance to musical posterity. Schola Antiqua, La Grande Chapelle; Albert Recasens.


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