JACQUES OFFENBACH (1819-1880): Un mari à la porte, Les fables de la Fontaine.

Catalogue Number: 11O040

Label: Liverpool Philharmonic

Reference: LPOFFCD00211

Format: CD

Price: $23.98

Description: One of the dozens of one-acte operettas which Offenbach wrote throughout his career, Un mari (1859) is the source of the famous Valse tyrolienne - an aria in its third scene. A farce with a newly-wed bride and her companion entertaining a young man in her bedroom who is fleeing from a debt collector (who turns out to be the husband), it's echt Offenbach and a first recording. The six-song cycle dates from 1842 and points toward the comic genius of the years to come while also anticipating some of Chabrier's mélodies and Ravel's Histoires naturelles. French-English texts. Gabrielle Philiponet (soprano), Anaïk Morel (mezzo), Stéphane Malbec-Garcia (tenor), Marc Canturri (baritone), Royal Liverpool Philharmonic; Vasily Petrenko (Un mari), Nicola Krügel (piano - Les fables).


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