VICTOR HERBERT (1859-1924): Collected Songs - 3 Songs, Op. 15, Wirthstöchterlein and Vogelsang from Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen, Op. 10, 10 Lieder und Gesänge, Opp. 13, 14, 18 & 21, Im Mondenlicht, 3 Lieder, The Bards of Ireland, Street Nancy, Belle O'Brien, The Secret, Columbia, an Anthem, The Fight is Made and Won, In the Folds of the Starry Flag, Kiss Me Again, An Easter Dawn, Mary's Lamb, Friars, 2 Swinburne Songs, Love's Oracle, Old Ireland Shall Be Free, The Twirly Little Girlies at the End of the Line, Love's Hour, Remembrance, Sweet Harp of the Days That Are Gone, When Uncle Sam Is Ruler of the Sea, When the Sixty-Ninth Comes Back, Molly, The Dodge Brothers March, The Love Boat, The Equity Star, Alma Mater Song for the Catholic University of America, Mary Came Over to Me, When Knighthood Was in Flower, God Spare the Emerald Isle, Little Old New York, The Crucible's Toast, It's Just the Harmless Guile of Her, O My Love's Like a Red Red Rose, Wild Oats, Just a Dream of a Bygone Day, Give Me That Rose, A Nautical Song in High C, Ha! Ha!, She's a Dog Gone Lovable Girl, Nina, The Kid Is Clever, I'm Looking for a Little Cinderella, Cuban, I'm Going in the Movies, I Love the Isle of the Sea, Someone I Love, Indian Summer, Songs from Prince Ananias (6), Peg Woffington (2) Babes in Toyland (2), The Cinderella Man, The Century Girl (4), The Dream Song, The Ziegfeld Follies of 1921, 1922, 1923 and 1927, The Fanshastics and Sky High.

Catalogue Number: 11O050

Label: New World

Reference: 80726-2

Format: CD

Price: $71.98

No Longer Available

Description: Like the above, this set is part of New World's "The Foundations of the American Musical Theater" series. Not an attempt at completeness, the purpose of this release is to give a chronological overview of the wide variety of songs Herbert wrote, from early German Lieder to parlor song, concert song, anthem and popular song; a few of the "non-art songs" come from operettas but most are from revues, musical comedies and stage plays and a glance at the titles above will show predominant themes of sentimentality, love of Ireland (Herbert's country of birth) and American patriotism. 4 CDs. German-English texts (rest of song texts available on-line). Singers: Marnie Breckenridge, George Dvorsky, Sara Jean Ford, Steven LaBrie, Aaron Lazar, Jeanne Lehman, Rebecca Luker, Daniel Marcus, Dillon McCartney, Jonathan Michie, Ron Raines, Valerian Ruminski, Zachary Stains, Rosalie Sullivan, Korliss Uecker, Margaret Jane Wray. William Hicks (piano).


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