FRANÇOIS DOMPIERRE (b.1943): 24 Préludes en forme de Boogie et de bien d'autres choses encore....

Catalogue Number: 11O079

Label: Analekta

Reference: AN 2 9292-3

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: In case the title doesn't tell you enough, these 90 minutes of preludes (dating from this year), in all the major and minor keys, are based predominantly on jazz, rock, folk and other types of popular music or, in those that aren't, on French piano music in general. The fact that they have a "fun" origin, however, does not make them easy to play. Each has a French title followed by a generic title, when possible, and a tempo indication, e.g. No. 3 Massif (Slow Rock;  Marcato) or No. 15 Loufoque (Funky; Con moto), and so forth. Lots of fun, presumably for the pianist as well but certainly for the listener. 2 CDs. Alain Lefèvre (piano). 2 CDs. Alain Lefèvre (piano).


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