ADOLPHE SAMUEL (1824-1898): Symphony No. 6 in D Minor, Op. 44, JOSEPH JONGEN (1873-1953): 3 Symphonic Movements, Op. 137.

Catalogue Number: 11P002

Label: Royal Flemish Philharmonic

Reference: RFP 006

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Samuel was a Belgian Jewish composer and music critic who had one of the many epiphanic moments across musical Europe when seeing Wagner for the first time (for him, in 1860). This turned his compositional work around also so that, by the time of this Sixth symphony (1891), we find an interesting mix of Berlioz (colorful orchestration), Wagner and Liszt. Samuel had recently converted to Catholicism and this symphony's four movements are religiously inspired: Genesis, Eden, Cain and Lux luceat! - Laus et jubliatio. But don't think it's a Gounod snoozer; it's bright, tuneful and utterly enjoyable. Jongen's Movements are his last completed work (1951), a trio of late Romantic tone-pictures (Nocturne, Danses, Toccata) with his characteristic Impressionist flavors - over 23 minutes of Jongen not previously available. World Premiere Recordings. Royal Flemish Philharmonic; Martyn Brabbins.


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