Marc-André Hamelin - A Late Busoni orgy!

FERRUCCIO BUSONI (1866-1924): Elegies, Nuit de Noël, Fantasia after J.S. Bach, Canonic Variations and Fugue, Giga, bolero e varizione, Sonatina, Sonatina secunda, Sonatina "ad usum infantis Madeline M* Americanae", Sonatina "in diem nativitatis Christi MCMXVII", Sonatina brevis "in signo Joannis Sebastiani Magni", Kammer-Fantasie über Carmen, Indiansiches Erntelied, Indianisches Tagebuch I, 3 Albumleaves, Toccata "Preludio, Fantasia, Ciaccona", Prologo, Preludio "Allegro festivo", Preludio "without the third finger, Moderato alla breve", Veloce e leggiero, Vivace moderato con precisione, Variations -Studie nach Mozart I, Motive "allegro risoluto", Allegro, 9 Variations on a Chopin Prelude, 7 Short Pieces for the Cultivation of Polyphonic Playing, Perpetuum mobile, Prélude et étude en arpèges.

Catalogue Number: 11P042

Label: Hyperion

Reference: CDA 67951/3

Format: CD

Price: $56.98

Description: This triple album offers most of Busoni's mature works and the widest selection of pieces from the Klavierübung so far recorded, many of them for the first time. 3 CDs. Marc-André Hamelin (piano).


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