MAX D'OLLONE (1875-1959): Mélodies, Vol. 1 - Laissez-le partir, Dites-moi quel est mon pays, Exil, Embarquement, Qu'on donc ses yeux, La voix, Les autres disent, Guitare, Jeune homme, dis-nous pourquoi, Ce que tu m'offres volontiers, Oublier, Premier amour, Novembre, Chanson, Mon rêve familier, Rêve, L'enfant Eros, Jeunesse, Chant d'amour, Ici-bas, Mandole, In memoriam.

Catalogue Number: 11P048

Label: Maguelone

Reference: MAG 111.110

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Like volume 2 (06O055), this first volume brings passionate, sometimes violently passionate settings of a variety of French poetry but with the usual Symbolist suspects being quite small in number; several are to D'Ollone's own poetry which has to do with his tortured feelings in abandoning his family at a young age. None of the limp-wristed neurasthenia you'll often run into in mélodies from composers of this generation: D'Ollone is much more German or Italian in his unsparing emotion. French texts. Didier Henry (baritone), Patrice d'Ollone (piano).


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