ANDRÉ JOLIVET (1905-1974): Sérénade for Oboe and Piano, Sonatine for Oboe and Bassoon, Controversia for Oboe and Harp, Chant pour les piroguiers de l'Orénoque for Oboe and Piano, Suite liturgique for Voice, Cor anglais/Oboe, Cello and Harp.

Catalogue Number: 11P059

Label: Oehms Classics

Reference: OC 875

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: No matter when the piece might have been written, even the 1968 Controversia (for Heinz and Ursula Holliger) which is the most "modern" here, there are always moments where Jolivet's rhythmic and incantatory style appears. Only two of these works are otherwise available on disc, one being the rarified, contained yet moving Suite liturgique which you might want to listed to again right away. No texts. Stefan Schilli (oboe/cor anglais), Christiane Karg (soprano), Christina Bianchi (harp), Marco Postinghel (bassoon), Sebastian Klinger (cello), Oliver Triendl (piano).


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