ROLF RIEHM (b.1937): Wer sind diese Kinder for Piano, Large Orchestra in Two Groups and Electronics, Hamamuth - Stadt der Engel for Piano.

Catalogue Number: 11P074

Label: Wergo

Reference: WER 6755 2

Format: CD

Price: $22.98

Description: These pieces both have a programmatic agenda, the solo work a commentary on the Iraq war, the concerto a more general response to brutality and inhumanity. The solo work at its most fundamental level represents a confrontation between shocking violence and the possibility of beauty and calm. The work is divided into sections, played continuously, with obsessive gestures and frantic activity in cluster textures contrasting with static chorale-like sections. The concerto is based around a series of electronically transmuted pre-recorded texts with 'suffering' an unifying theme. Tumultuously eclectic, the piece quotes Romantic gestures alongside fiercely complex and dissonant modernism in a powerful collage of musical imagery. Nicolas Hodges (piano), Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra Baden-Baden and Freiburg; Beat Furrer.


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