Gilles' Messe des Morts - Rameau's Funeral Version 1764

JEAN GILLES (1668-1705): Messe des Morts.

Catalogue Number: 11Q024

Label: Paradizo

Reference: PA0013

Format: CD

Price: $21.98

Description: Rameau's was the third of at least twelve funerals after the death of Gilles at which modified versions of the latter's best-known work were performed. This version, possibly by François Rebel and François Francœur, adds oboes, bassoons, horns, double bass and muted timpani and recycles portions of Rameau's Castor et Pollux for the end of the Kyrie and Graduel II (which inspired Sempé to add instrumenal inserts from the same piece as well as Dardanus and Zoroastre, in imitation of similar insertions for uses of the mass for other high-profile funerals), leaving us with an interesting, anachronistic hybrid - not Gilles but not all "mid 18th century" either. Judith van Wanroij (soprano), Robert Getchell (high tenor), Juan Santcho (tenor), Lisandro Abadie (bass), Collegium Vocale Gent, Capriccio Stravagante Les 24 Violons; Skip Sempé.


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