JÁNOS TAMÁS (1933-1995): Trio for Clarinet, Horn and Piano, Triofantasie for Clarinet, Horn and Cello, Feuerbilder for Clarinet, Viola and Piano, Traumquell for Cello and Piano, Im Garten von Saanen for Clarinet and Piano, Poema for Horn and Piano, Poema for Cello and Piano.

Catalogue Number: 11Q071

Label: Oehms Classics

Reference: OC 43

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Characterful and accessible chamber works by a fairly prolific composer (considering his relatively short life), who remains surprisingly unknown and under-appreciated (except by the Paul Sacher Stiftung, which has acquired the entire archives of the composer's work, which will, hopefully, lead to more recordings). The Sacher connection, and that to Bartók (a constant presence in the background to Tamás' style), is especially notable in Im Garten, a typically introspective, lyrical reminiscence of Bartók stemming from Tamás' visit to Sacher's house where Bartók had stayed. This slightly melancholy air pervades much of Tamás' slower music, but this impression is relieved in every work by lively, rhythmically agile episodes, often propelled by ostinato figuration, and frequently with a suggestion of rustic humor, appealingly offsetting the more serious tone of the pieces. Clarity of line, and a full exploration of the expressive potential of the instruments, are constant features of the music, from the early, Romantic Poema (of which the composer produced multiple versions for different instrumental combinations throughout his career) to the expressively varied late trio with its wide variety of instrumental interactions in a compact, concentrated span. Tomas Dratva (piano), Fabio Di Càsola (clarinet), Mischa Greull (horn), Dieter Hilpert (cello), Alexander Besa (viola).


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