CARL DAVIS (b.1936): Last Train to Tomorrow, Suite from Liberation, 3 National Songs.

Catalogue Number: 11Q074

Label: Carl Davis Collection

Reference: CDC025

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: Last Train is a 46-minute... well, what? Perhaps a choral-orchestral song-cycle would be the best description, the child singers representing the 10,000 Jewish children whom the Nazis let leave Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia for safety in England beginning shortly after "Kristallnacht".  Davis mixes elements of classical music, popular music of the period and Jewish songs for his orchestra of strings, percussion and piano-four-hands. Fans of the composer should know what to expect. Filling out a 77-minute disc is a suite of music from the 1994 documentary on the war with emphasis on the Holocaust. A glossy 82-page booklet packed with period photos and other pictures adds to the expense of the set but is well worth it for those inclined to buy. Texts included. Children's Opera Prague, Czech National Symphony Orchestra; Carl Davis.


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