JOHANN STRAUSS II (1825-1899): Simplicius.

Catalogue Number: 11Q091

Label: Arthaus Musik

Reference: 100 365

Format: DVD

Price: $28.98

No Longer Available

Description: It's hard to believe that Karl Amadeus Hartmann and Johann Strauss could both write stage works based on the same literary source but there it is: this 1887 operetta was not a success although several of its orchestral dances and waltzes survived as popular concert works. This live performance from 2000 shares most of its cast with the EMI CD recording from the same year. Michael Volle (baritone), Martin Zysset (tenor), Elizabeth Magnuson (soprano), Piotr Beczala (tenor), Children's Choir, Orchestra and Chorus of the Zurich Opera House; Franz Welser-Most. 16:9 wide-screen, Dolby Digital 5/1 or DTS 5/1 or PCM stereo, NTSC region 0. 132 min.


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