GIOVANNI LORENZO LULIER (c.1662-1700): La Gloria, Roma e Valore.

Catalogue Number: 11R016

Label: Fra Bernardo

Reference: fb1505643

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This cantata of 1700 was written for the arrival in Rome of the new Venetian ambassador and the notes give an excellent and pithy account of its allegorical characters and their relations to the political situation current between Rome and Venice. However, not a word about the music. But then, telling us that Lulier was a Roman cellist who played in the orchestra of Cardinal Ottoboni which was in charge of Corelli is all we need to know. Italian texts. Lia Serafini, Chiara Balasso (sopranos), Matteo Pigato (countertenor), I Musicali Affetti; Fabio Missaggia (violin).


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