MATVEY NIKOLAEVSKY (1882-1942): for Orchestra: Csardas, Gypsy Dance (Moscow Symphony Orchestra; Filipp Chizhevsky), for Piano: Nocturne in C Minor, Fantasia on the Russian Folksong “Korobeiniki”, 2 Ballet Marches, The Snuff-Box, A Day on the Volga, Tango Satanique, Charlie-Fox: Charleston, Jou-Ré:  Boston Waltz, Miss Evelyn: Foxtrot, for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano: Oh Come, Have Mercy!, I Dreamt of Evening Skies, To Admire You Forever, Hey, Enough!, Old Sofron on the Bench, Wide Runs the Road through the Fields, A Bell Jingles under the Shaft Bow.

Catalogue Number: 11R052

Label: Toccata Classics

Reference: TPCC 0324

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A widely performed composer in his time, accompanist and repetiteur at the Bolshoi, a respected piano teacher whose piano methods are still used today and active figure in the whole cultural sphere, Nikolaevsky avoided any problems with Soviet cultural authorities because he wrote popular music - songs, ballads, dance numbers, marches and light orchestral pieces - both before and after the Revolution. Many of his compositions were destroyed in a flood at the family apartment in Moscow during the 1990s but most of what survived is presented in this well-filled (82:23) new release. Russian Light Music, complete with the requisite melancholy, but with Chopin and Liszt present in the piano Nocturne and Fantasia. Russian (Cyrillic)-English texts. Svetlana Zobina (mezzo), Mikhael Mordvinov (piano).


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