ISIDORA ŽEBELJAN (b.1967): Polomka Quartet, Dance of the Wooden Sticks for Horn and String Quintet (Stefan Dohr [horn]), New Songs of Lada for Soprano and String Quartet,  A Yawl on the Danube and Pep it up for Soprano, Piano, String Quartet and Percussion (Aneta Ilić [soprano], Isidora Žebeljan [piano], Miroslav Karlović [percussion]), Sarabande for Piano, Song of a Traveller in the Night for Clarinet and String Quartet (Joan Enric Lluna [clarinet]).

Catalogue Number: 11R083

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 994-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: The Serbian composer draws inspiration from folk music of the Balkan peninsula, especially the north-eastern part, where she grew up. Thus her rhythms are characterised by their complexity and irregularity, and her melodies by ornamentation and modal inflection. She tends to stay closer to transcribed folk idioms, rough-hewn and sometimes raucous, than did Bartók, Enescu or Kurtág (with whose music there are some points of contact) - more reminiscent of the way Fazil Say treats his Turkish folk materials in his works of that type - emulating folk styles of playing with some extended techniques and subtle rhythmic devices that remove the idiom somewhat from precisely notated metrical subdivisions of the concert hall. The Polomka (a vigorous eastern Serbian dance) quartet, the Dance (based on a folk legend) and Song of a Traveller, after atmospheric scene-setting introductions turn into complex, frenzied dances; the songs, sorrowful and melodically sinuous, make use of folk idioms, while the strikingly original Pep it up incorporates complex rhythmic patterns into a dramatic fantasia, full of surprises. Brodsky Quartet.


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