NIKLAS SIVELÖV (b.1974): 24 Preludes, 2 Notturni, Toccatina Feroce, 2 Impromptus, Jeux de Cordes.

Catalogue Number: 11R084

Label: Toccata Classics

Reference: TOCC 0291

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The Preludes are a fine example of an accomplished composer-pianist enjoying the virtuosity of both disciplines as applied to his instrument. The series follows an approximate key scheme, combining a key with its relative minor or major key, though some deviate from this progression, and some adhere much more closely to their tonal center(s) than others. The works are more like diverse character-pieces, very different in mood, influences, degree of pianistic virtuosity and duration. A somber, sonorous chord-sequence might be found adjacent to a dry, sardonic little march à la Shostakovich, or a full-blown romantic movement, or an impressionistic wash of color in trills and tremolandi. Some hint at fugal textures or other baroque devices; some have an étude-like character, exploring a particular technique or texture. Most follow pianistic conventions, though at times the composer breaks loose with wild, sonorous textures involving clusters and pungent dissonances. There is a good deal of humor, and the set is appealing and thoroughly approachable. The other pieces range from early, rather Chopinesque little divertimenti to the vigorous, impulsive Toccatina, to the improvisatory Impromptus, with echoes of Satie. Jeux de cordes is a riotous encore, with the left hand keeping the rhythm with a mallet inside the piano while the right plays a thoroughly silly tune on the keys - great fun! Niklas Sivelöv (piano).


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