CHARLES-HENRI PLANTADE (1764-1839): Messe des Morts à la Mémoire de Marie-Antoinette in D Minor, LUIGI CHERUBINI (1760-1842): Requiem à la Mémoire de Louis XVI in C Minor.

Catalogue Number: 11S022

Label: Alpha

Reference: 251

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: While Cherubini’s Requiem of 1817, scored for mixed choir and orchestra, but without soloists, is well known, Plantade’s setting, which shares the same formal characteristics, is a reclamation from obscurity. Written in 1833 for the 30th anniversary of the queen’s execution, it provides a striking transitional stage between the models of the Ancien Regime and early Romanticism, and displays a wealth of invention reminiscent of Mehul, Cherubini, and even Rossini. Le Concert Spirituel; Hervé Niquet.


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