MAX REGER (1873-1916): Mein Traum, Op. 31/5, Unbegehrt, Op. 31/3, Flieder, Op. 35/4, Volkslied, Op. 37/2, Glückes genug, Op. 37/3, Zwischen zwei Nächten, Op. 43/1, Meinem Kinde, Op. 43/3, Wiegenlied, Op. 43/5, Sag es nicht, Op. 43/8, Am Dorfsee, Op. 48/6, Träume, träume, du mein süßes Leben!, Op. 51/3, Zwei Gänse, Op. 55/8, Viola d’amour, Op. 55/11, Waldseligkeit, Op. 62/2, Sehnsucht, Op. 66/1, Morgen!, Op. 66/10, Kindergeschichte, Op. 66/12, Äolsharfe, Op. 75/11, Hat gesagt - bleibt’s nicht dabei, Op. 75/12, Du meines Herzens Krönelein, Op. 76/1, Waldeinsamkeit, Op. 76/3, Wenn die Linde blüht, Op. 76/4, Glück, Op. 76/16, In einem Rosengärtelein, Op. 76/18, Des Kindes Gebet, Op. 76/22, Die Mutter spricht, Op. 76/28, Das Wölklein, Op. 76/33, Mittag, Op. 76/35, Schelmenliedchen, Op. 76/36, Mariä Wiegenlied, Op. 76/52, Mausefangen, Op. 76/58, Zum Schlafen, Op. 76/59, Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe!

Catalogue Number: 11S041

Label: Hyperion

Reference: CDA 68057

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Although Reger wrote some 300 songs, they rarely get recorded and even more rarely get a whole disc to themselves and, unlike the Arte Nova disc we offered 17 years ago, this one has texts, translations and notes on each of the 33 songs. Most of them are under two minutes in length but almost all are characterized by harmonic, rhythmic and dynamic restlessness and nuanced metrical play. Part impressionistic, and part expressionistic, often light and witty, they are at the other end of the spectrum from many of his organ works and most of his orchestral pieces. German-English texts. Sophie Bevan (soprano), Malcolm Martineau (piano).


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