Voices of Mexico Past and Present

Past: JOSÉ ROLÓN (1876-1945): 3 Canciones for Voice and Piano, MANUEL M. PONCE (1882-1948): Estrellita (arr. cello and piano Gaspar Cassadó [1897-1966] and arr. violin and piano Jascha Heifetz [1901-1987]), Romanzetta for Clarinet and Piano, Jeunesse for Violin and Piano, Sonata breve for Violin and Piano, SILVESTRE REVUELTAS (1899-1940): 5 Canciones para niños for Voice and Piano, CARLOS CHÁVEZ (1899-1978): Madrigal for Viola and Piano, LUIS SANDI (1905-1996): Hoja de Album No. 2 for Viola and Piano, JOSÉ SABRE MARROQUIN (1909-1995): 4 piezas for Violin and Piano, CARLOS JIMENEZ MABARAK (1916-1994): 4 Canciones para Cantar a los Niños for Voice and Piano, Present: JOAQUÍN GUTIERREZ HERAS (1927-2012): Canción en el Puerto for Cello and Piano, Sonata simple for Flute and Piano, MARIO LAVISTA (b.1943): 3 Danzas Seculares for Cello and Piano, Elegía a la Memoria de Nacho for Flute and Piano, GRACIELA AGUDELO (b.1945): Lullaby for Voice and Piano, ARTURO MÁRQUEZ (b.1950): Zarabandeo for Clarinet and Piano, Lejanía Interior for Cello and Piano, JAVIER ALVAREZ (b.1956): Serpiente y Escalera for Cello and Piano, LEONARDO CORAL (b.1962): Vocalise and Canto Lento for Voice and Piano, Elegía for Cello and Piano.

Catalogue Number: 11S044

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Format: CD

Price: $23.98

Description: The first disc here is obviously going to be late romantic material stylistically, even for the people born in the 20th century like Sandi and Marroquin but what is surprising is that disc two likewise showcases the most approachable end of the spectrum of Mexican 21st century music. Even Lavista and Alvarez, who have demonstrated a commitment to a range of idioms that encompass a good degree of modernism are represented by the most neo-romantic side of their compositional character, with a strong tonal basis. The rest of the CD is frankly neo-romantic and neoclassical throughout, from Heras' elegant little sonata and warmly melodic cello piece, to Agudelo's charming song and Márquez and Coral's very romantic works infused with Latin flavor and rhythmic appeal. 2 CDs. Chicago Panamerican Ensemble.


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