RAFFAELE GERVASIO (1910-1994): Nel Vivo for 3 Clarinets and Bass Clarinet, Op. 127, VALENTINO BUCCHI (1916-1976): Concerto for Solo Clarinet, HENGHEL GUALDI (1924-2005): Breve Preludio for 4 Clarinets, GUGLIELMO CAPPETTI (1875-1918): Il Folletto, La Civettuola and Cicaleggio all for Solo Clarinet, BERNARDINO LANZI (2nd half of 19th cen.-1st half of 20th cen.): Petite Suite for Piccolo Clarinet, 2 Clarinets and Bass Clarinet, ERNESTO CAVALLINI (1807-1874): Quartets Nos. 1 and 2 for 3 Clarinets and Bass Clarinet, GIUSEPPE GHERARDESCHI (1759-1815): 5 Sonatas for 3 Clarinets.

Catalogue Number: 11S056

Label: Tacet

Reference: TC 890001

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: 200 years of music for clarinet(s) by Italian composers. All is tonal: Gualdi was a jazz pioneer in Italy, Gervasio was active in the cinema and TV and his nine-minute piece is quite pleasant and Bucchi’s seven-minute work from 1969 contains only moderate brushes with modernity. Stark Quartet.


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