ARNE NORDHEIM (1931-2010): 3 Stanzas for Double Bass, Partita for 6 Double Basses, Clamavi, INGVAR LIDHOLM (b.1921): Fantasia sopra laudi, AULIS SALLINEN (b.1935): Elegy for Sebastian Knight, WITOLD LUTOSŁAWSKI (1913-1994): Ave - Metamorphoses.

Catalogue Number: 11S065

Label: Simax

Reference: PSC 1342

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This recital is centered around the unique compositional voice of Arne Nordheim; the other composers are all associated with his work in some way. With his taste for unusual timbres (electronics, the extraordinary combination of genres in Draumkvedet (11I097)), the idea of his writing a work for six double basses seems almost inevitable. The three-movement Partita is more than an exercise in massive, dark, flowing sonorities (though it is unquestionably that). From smoky, amorphous beginnings it generates in turn a swirling lava-flow of propulsive energy, a mysterious nocturnal landscape, and a strange fugato that disintegrates into a polyphony of rhythmically independent lines. The Stanzas are richly textured soliloquies, harmonically and polyphonically eventful while reveling in the sonority of the instrument. In its original version for cello, Clamavi was a study for Nordheim's brooding, eruptive concerto Tenebrae (10O076, 10R081), and the dark timbres of the double bass serve to emphasize the sense of a cry from the depths in a narrative of intense dynamic and dramatic contrasts. The other pieces are also transcriptions of cello works, skillfully done to exploit the sonority of the double bass. This adds a certain depth to Lutosławski's Grave, with its strange, resonant quarter-tone tonality, but otherwise these are just good performances of Sallinen's tense, lyrical Nabokov-inspired piece and Lidholm's multi-layered fantasia after his own choral work Laudi. Dan Styffe )double bass), Ingrid Andsnes (piano), Håkon Thelin, Karol Ciesluk, Jon Åsnes, Eskild Abelseth, Mathias Sunde Valseth (other double basses).


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