WOLFGANG RIHM (b.1952): In Verbundenheit, HANS ABRAHAMSEN (b.1952): For Arditti Quartet, TOSHIO HOSOKAWA (b.1955): Small River in Distance, BRIAN FERNEYHOUGH (b.1943): Silentium, BRICE PAUSET (b.1965): Wahrheitsverfahren (I: Wissenschaft) (w/Pauset [harpsichord]), MARK ANDRE (b.1964): iv 13a, MARCO STROPPA (b.1959): La Vita Immobile, LIZA LIM (b.1966): The Weaver’s Knot, HARRISON BIRTWISTLE (b.1934): Hoquetus Irvinus, HILDA PAREDES (b.1957): Hacia una bitácora capilar, JAMES CLARKE (b.1957): String Quartet No. 3, GEORG FRIEDRICH HAAS (b.1953): LAIR, URI CAINE (b.1956): Caprice 13 (w/Uri Caine [piano]), JOHANNES MARIA STAUD (b.1974): Stringendo (Zugabe für Emil Breisach).

Catalogue Number: 11S080

Label: Winter & Winter

Reference: 910 235-2

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Arditti quartet, fourteen of the quartet's friends and colleagues among composers wrote pieces especially for this recording. Now that Berio, Boulez, Nono, Lutosławski and many of the composers that the Ardittis started their astonishing career by championing are no longer with us, this CD acts as a sampler of the current Who's Who of Composers Who Have Reasons To Be Grateful To The Arditti Quartet. The disc is a compendium of the kind of thing the quartet is known for - music of the utmost complexity, presented with exemplary clarity (Rihm, Ferneyhough), whispered textured sounds and sonorous waves of texture (Andre, Haas), extended techniques of every kind (Lim, Clarke, various others), extreme technical demands treated as routine (Staud, Stroppa, and pretty much everyone else). The composers all wrote real pieces in their own styles, so these are far more than mere occasional bagatelles, despite their brevity; Birtwistle's piece, for instance, is a perfect, churning and juddering hocketing machine in miniature. If this recital were presented as a concert, nobody in the audience would go home feeling short-changed. Arditti Quartet.


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