JOHANN LUDWIG KREBS (1713-1780): Complete Organ Music - Clavier-Übung I, Toccatas, Preludes, Fugues, Fantasias, Trios, Chorales (we can’t list all 105 works here!).

Catalogue Number: 11U025

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95363

Format: CD

Price: $36.98

Description: Krebs, a musical conservative, lived in a time of marked shifts in taste, during the rise of the empfindsamer style, with its preference for balance and grace over the high baroque’s interwoven contrapuntal lines and chromatic harmony. Today, long after the stylistic trends of his day have faded, Krebs is appreciated for his exceptionally refined music. For the organ this includes a variety of pieces in several improvisatory and contrapuntal forms, including a great many chorale settings. 7 CDs. Manuel Tomadin (Arp Schnitger organ of Kerk van Noordbroek, Netherlands), Silbermann organ of Petrikirche, Hamburg, F.C. Schnitger & H.H. Freytag organ of Petruskerk, Zuitbroek, Netherlands and Pradella organ of Santuario del Divin Prigionero, Valle di Colorina, Sondrio, Italy).


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