Music for Flute, Cello and Piano

JUDITH WEIR (b.1954): Several Concertos, HILARY TANN (b.1947): In the Theatre of Air, LAURA BOWLER (b.1986): Salutem, GEORGIA RODGERS (b.1985): York Minster, THEA MUSGRAVE (b.1928): Canta, Canta!, AMY BEACH (1867-1944): 2 Pieces, Op. 90.

Catalogue Number: 11U067

Label: NMC

Reference: D248

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A loose and diverse assemblage of characterful works by British women composers, released to mark the centenary of an important year in the suffrage movement. The elder stateswoman, Musgrave, is represented by a beautiful chamber arrangement of one of her own songs. Weir's 'concertos' are summarized by the composer as a "sort of jeu d’esprit about late 1970s complexity crashing into the concerto manners of the traditional concert hall." Each instrument in the trio is given an extravagant solo part, 'accompanied' by the other two. Rodgers derives a kind of modal scale from the resonant frequencies of the acoustics of York Minster, and then repeats a phrase composed of these notes seven times, removing one note on each repetition, in a kind of gently minimalist texture. Tann depicts the visual characteristics, not the songs, of seven types of birds - a swirling murmuration of starlings, the deceptively tranquil hovering of a hawk, goldfinches busily darting about from twig to twig, and so on, in one of her characteristic evocative tonal/modal nature-scapes (see also 07O085). Bowler's piece is a theatrical depiction of five stages of human history, from the Stone Age to modernity, with vocalizations, sound effects and extended playing techniques. Marsyas Trio.


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