AFSHIN JABERI (b.1973): Ballades No. 4 “The Black Pit”, No. 5 “Abode of Peace”, No. 6 “Exile to Ottoman Empire”, No. 7 “The Most Great Prison”, No. 8 “The Ascension” and No. 3 “Centre of the Covenant”.

Catalogue Number: 11V072

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP818

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Iranian composer Jaberi’s powerful cycle of Ballades is completed here (first volume was in May 2015 - 05Q086). The nine pieces together take the title The Eroica and offer a stylistic synthesis of Eastern melody and Western classical harmonic and structural traditions. Strongly influenced by the Iranian composer’s Baha’i faith, the Ballades’ narratives are focused on tracing the early years of one of the world’s youngest religions, one dedicated to peaceful unity and the betterment of humanity. Afshin Jaberi (piano).


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