FRANZ IGNAZ BECK (1734-1809): L’isle déserte.

Catalogue Number: 11X021

Label: CPO

Reference: 555 336=2

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Beck’s one-act opera from 1779 is particularly interesting in the context of music history: first, because it is by a composer who has continued to await discovery; second, because a composer active in France availed himself of an Italian libretto – which continued to be an exception before 1780, especially when Metastasio was the librettist. In other words, a work in which Italian libretto artistry and French music theater meet. French-English libretto. Ana Maria Labin, Samantha Gaul (sopranos), Theodore Browne, Fabian Kelly (tenors), La Stagione Frankfurt; Michael Schneider.


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