HÉLÈNE DE MONTGEROULT (1764-1836): Complete Piano Sonatas - 3 Sonatas, Op. 1, 3 Sonatas, Op. 2, 3 Sonatas, Op. 5. (Op 1. Nos 1 & 2 and Op. 5, No. 1 are First Recordings).

Catalogue Number: 11X026

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP885-86

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: Montgeroult was a student of Clementi in Paris. She survived the French Revolution – during which, as an aristocrat, her life was in grave danger – to become a celebrated pianist, composer and author of a famous piano method. Her compositional language in these nine sonatas is wide and includes Italianate models as well as elements that reflect the influence of Haydn and Mozart, with chromatic and surprising harmonies, contrasts of register, chorale-like nobility and brilliantly athletic finales. Featuring several world première recordings, these sonatas represent a major contribution to the French repertoire of the late Classical and early Romantic periods. 2 CDs. Nicolas Horvath (piano).


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