HANS WINTERBERG (1901-1991): Complete Songs (29).

Catalogue Number: 11X046

Label: ArcoDiva

Reference: UP 0238

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: The bizarrely long-delayed Winterberg renaissance continues, gathering steam as it does so. (For a superb, exhaustively researched account of his unique story, see https://forbiddenmusic.org/2021/05/27/the-winterberg-puzzles-darker-and-lighter-shades/ ). Since the pioneering first ever commercial recording of his music less than three years ago (06U012), we now have access to a representative sample of his serious, weighty and powerful orchestral scores (12V001), an ongoing series of his piano music (09V046, 10X053), and now, his songs. For a prolific composer his vocal output is relatively small, and most of it pre-dates WWII. The earliest songs are very Romantic, and the late ones, such as the 8 Lieder, date from a time when the composer’s idiom had naturally progressed to a less dissonant and complex style than that of the immediately pre-war years, so in both periods Winterberg emerges as a first-rate Lieder composer with a real melodic gift and whose piano parts are (unsurprisingly) of the highest quality. In the years leading up to 1940 the composer’s style in his piano and orchestral works was transitional, and at its most rhythmically and metrically complicated and dissonant, but the songs from this period - arguably the most individual and expressive - the Drei Lieder and the cycle of four songs with piano trio Dort und hier, though highly chromatic and closer to expressionism than anything else here, are far from the tormented intensity of the Symphonies Nos.1 and 2 or the first Piano Sonata, though they share an atmosphere of uneasy tension. German-Czech texts. 2 CDs. Irena Troupová (soprano), Vojtěch Šembera (baritone), Jan Dušek (piano), Roman Hranička (violin), Balázs Adorján (cello).


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