TIMOTHY JONES (b.1961): 4 Trumpet Sonatas after Mozart - No. 1 in D (after church music, K 165, K 225, K 244, K 393), No. 2 in B Flat (after Piano Sonata, K 284 “Dürnitz”, No. 3 in E Flat (from mid period theatrical pieces with thematic references to K 383, K420, K 422, K 430, K 431, K528, K 578, K 583), No. 4 in F (modelled on late violin sonatas K 481 and K 526 with thematic references to the songs K 390, K 468, K 473, K 518, K 524 and K 597).

Catalogue Number: 11X066

Label: Linn

Reference: CKD668

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Here’s one way to give trumpet players Classical repertoire from a period when the instrument was not a chromatic solo possibility. And the notes tells us that Linn has eight (8!) other “reimagined” trumpet CDs from Monteverdi to Richard Strauss… Jonathan Freeman-Attwood (trumpet), Anna Szałucka (piano).


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