CHRISTOS HATZIS (b.1953): Pyrrichean Dances (Rivka Golani [viola], Beverley Johnston [percussion]), Telluric Dances.

Catalogue Number: 12I080

Label: CBC

Reference: SMCD 5243

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: These contrasting dance suites are based in a tonal language that admits the incorporation of some elements of dodecaphony and folk-like modalism, and are predominantly exercises in rhythmic vitality and rapidly evolving textures and moods. Pyrrichean was the composer's response to unsettling world affairs around the turn of the millennium, and contains elements of tragedy, ambiguity and aggression. Telluric also incorporates eastern-Mediterranean modal material in a three-movement structure that functions both as a beguiling oboe concerto full of plaintive melody and an exuberant exercise in rich, full-blooded, almost Hollywoodesque world music. Symphony Nova Scotia; Bernhard Gueller.


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