IANNIS XENAKIS (1922-2001): Dmaathen for Oboe and Percussion, Komboï for Harpsichord and Percussion, Kassandra for Voice and Percussion, Oophaa for Harpsichord and Percussion, Solo Percussion: Psappha, Rebonds B/A, Percussion Ensemble: Persephassa, Pléïades, Okho.

Catalogue Number: 12I086

Label: Mode

Reference: 170/73

Format: CD

Price: $52.98

Description: The leader of the percussion group here aptly describes the most striking aspect of Xenakis' percussion music as when the "pure mind" part of the composer - the mathematician, architect, computer software designer - and the frightening, savage element of ritual and incantation meet and a whole different, "other" world results. Presented chronologically on the discs, one can hear the latter Xenakis recede more and more as time went on. red fish blue fish have taken the opportunity, for once, to use overtracking on Persephassa to actually find out what the literal impossibilities toward the climax of the score would sound like if human beings could actually play them as written. 3 CDs. Jacqueline Leclair (oboe), Shannon Wettstein, John Mark Harris (harpsichord), Philip Larson (voice), red fish blue fish; Steven Schick.


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