MASSIMO BOTTER (b.1965): Les Algues for Orchestra (Spanish Radio and TV Orchestra; Adrian Leaper), Sheet of Sounds for Saxophone Quartet (Arte Quartet), ALESSANDRO SOLBIATI (b.1956): 6 pezzi for String Orchestra (Laghi Chamber Orchestra; Tito Ceccherini) O vere beata nox for Soprano, Reciter and String Quartet (Laura Catrani [soprano], Turin String Quartet).

Catalogue Number: 12I100

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33635

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: In Botter's impressive Les Algues, he treats masses of orchestral texture as plastic material to be molded, shaped and selectively stripped away to reveal intricate underlying forms. The work is both a seascape and a nocturnal rite; the orchestral piano seems to act as catalyst for the organic, fluid growth of the orchestral material, which ebbs and flows to reveal intriguingly tonal-sounding shapes beneath the shifting atonal waves. The sax quartet operates in a similar way, though the smaller, more homogeneous forces here suggest a sculptural, rather than liquid, analogy. Solbiati's Pezzi offer an instrumental commentary on the ritual of the Mass. Based on diatonic principles, though wth uneasy excursions into a realm not far removed from pre-dodecaphonic Schoenberg, the work has a solemn, liturgical feel. O vere treats elements of the liturgy literally, though again, shrouded in shadowy complexity of the instrumental accompaniment, and illuminated by spoken poetry. Italian texts.


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