IGNAZ MOSCHELES (1794-1870): Cello Sonata in E, Op. 121, Melodisch-contrapunktischen Studien for Cello and Piano (newly published in 1986 as "10 Preludes from The Well-tempered Clavier with an addtional cello part"), Op. 137a.

Catalogue Number: 12J060

Label: Oehms Classics

Reference: OC 544

Format: CD

Price: $13.98

Description: In the early 19th century, Mendelssohn was not the only composer looking back at the great German baroque composers. Moscheles wrote an Hommage à Handel for piano duo as well as the op. 137a recorded here, published in 1863. Although such composers as Schumann and Rubinstein had declared their highest admiration for Bach's Well-tempered Clavier, the general public did not know it. Moscheles set out to change that, providing a cello part to ten of Bach's preludes. Romantic and Baroque collectors will enjoy the dialogue Moscheles has with Bach. Ramon Jaffé (cello), Elisaveta Blumina (piano).


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