ERIK SATIE (1866-1925): Gnossiennes Nos. 1-3, Le Fils des Etoiles, Prélude de la Porte Héroïque du ciel, Sonneries de la Rose + Croix, Gymnopédies Nos. 1-3, Ogives Nos. 14.

Catalogue Number: 12K060

Label: Zig-Zag Territories

Reference: ZZT080901

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: For period piano collectors but not just for them: this instrument makes a huge difference in Satie's weirdly ascetic music, especially in the Sonneries with their mystical inspiration. Chevalier revels in the resonance of the bass and takes a much longer time over the Gymnopedies and Gnossiennes than other performers, spinning a spell truly hypnotic and hieratic. Excellent notes on the piano, its particular suitability to Satie and on Satie's unique philosophy and how it is expressed in his music. Claire Chevalier (1905 Erard piano).


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