RAPHAËL FUMET (1898-1979): L'Ange des Bois for Piano, Lacrimosa for Viola and Piano, Barcarolle for Viola and Piano, Ode Concertante for Flute and Piano, La Rose for Violin and Piano, Toccata for Organ, La Nuit for String Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 12K076

Label: Arion

Reference: ARN 68475

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: Son of Dynam-Victor Fumet, whose organ music has been recently recorded, Raphaël never heard a note of his music performed, working as a teacher and writing for posterity. This first CD devoted to his work presents a strong personality working in the late romantic tradition but with a typically French clarity of texture and directness of approach. Many of the works conceal strong emotions beneath a dark, vaguely wistful melancholy; La Nuit is a striking and visionary evocation of the starry night which is almost expressionist in its mystical quasi-ecstasy. Offered in our September 1999 catalogue (09B008). Gérard Caussé (viola), Bruno Rigutto, Ichiro Nodaira (piano), Gabriel Fumet (flute), Jean Mouillère (violin), Jean Galard (organ), Jean-Jacques Wiederker Chamber Orchestra. 1999 release.


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