GIOVANNI BONONCINI (1670-1747): San Nicola di Bari.

Catalogue Number: 12L023

Label: Ramée

Reference: 0806

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: As with Bassani above, our previous experience with Bononcini's cantatas was with short, pastoral cantate amorose. And, as with our newest Bassani, we have here a full-length (81 minutes) oratorio which was first performed in 1693. Portraying the young Nicholas preparing for a journey to study in Egypt and Palestine, the libretto (by Bononcini's favorite opera librettist) concerns itself with the moral questions of the day revolving around the dualism of body and soul and the very detailed notes point out all sorts of hidden meanings in the libretto which would have been clear to contemporaries but which would mean nothing to us today while noting all the subtle instrumental felicities with which Bononcini marries music to text. Italian-English texts. Lavinia Bertotti, Elena Cecchi Fedi (sopranos), Gabriella Martellacci (alto), Furio Zanasi (bass), Les Muffatti; Peter Van Heyghen.


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