JUAN DE LEDESMA (c.1713-1781): 5 Sonatas for Violin and Bass.

Catalogue Number: 12L030

Label: Ramée

Reference: 0901

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: These delightful sonatas are of uncertain date but, in their easy melodic flow, repeating and exchanging short motifs in a mosaic-like pattern and in their use in the dance-like third movements of Andalusian folk-like material, they suggest the Classical divertimento mentality. Although they come from well before Boccherini's Spanish period, they have a bit of his happy melodic facility. The bass line is fully independent and a period guitar is used instead of harpsichord for the bass accompaniment in order to emphasize these works' Spanish character. Blai Justo (violin), Elisa Joglar (cello), Bernard Zonderman (guitar).


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