HANS GÁL (1890-1987): 3 Intermezzi for Flute and Piano, Op. 103, Sonata for 2 Violins and Piano, Op. 96, 3 Sketches for Piano, Op. 7, Huyton Suite for Flute and 2 Violins, Op. 92.

Catalogue Number: 12M008

Label: Gramola

Reference: 98896

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Produced by a new company dedicated to composers suppressed by the Nazis, this recital contains two suites composed by Gál while he was in a British concentration camp for "enemy aliens" on the Isle of Man (1940-42). The Huyton Suite and the two-violin sonata are quite conservative, devoted to melody and relative ease of performance, with their slightly unusual instrumentation determined by the instruments available to fellow camp-members. The early Sketches are also very conservative and romantic while the late (1974) Intermezzi are still devoted to the comfort of the performers although a slightly more modern harmony prevails. Ulrike Anton (flute), Russell Ryan (piano), Cornelia Löscher, Wolfhart Schuster (violins).


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