MIKHAIL GLINKA (1804-1857): Overtures in D & G Minor, Symphony in B Flat and 3 dances from A Life for the Tsar (both ed. P. Klimov [b.1970]), Kamarinskaya, Valse-fantasie, Romances: Do Not Call Her Heavenly, Cradle Song, The Midnight Review and Soon You Will Forget Me.

Catalogue Number: 12M043

Label: Fuga Libera

Reference: FUG571

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: For those of you who think you know Glinka's early (1824) symphony from the Chandos and Melodiya recordings, you don't: that 16-minute monstrosity is mostly by Vissarion Shebalin who did more to "complete" the work than Petr Klimov here. These six-and-a-half minutes contain only three notes not written by Glinka. Also new to disc are two of the three Life for the Tsar dances: only the pas de quatre ended up in the opera and in a slightly different version than here. The other two survived in an incomplete draft score finished for this recording (and last 16 minutes). The four Romances are the only ones Glinka orchestrated himself. Russian (Cyrillic) texts. Olga Senderskaya (soprano), Alina Shakirova (mezzo), Petr Novikov (bass), Musica Viva; Alexander Rudin.


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