MARTIJN PADDING (b.1956): Eight Metal Strings for Mandolin and Orchestra, First Harmonium Concerto, White Eagle for Violin and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 12M080

Label: Etcetera

Reference: KTC 1406

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: These concerti, two for instruments not frequently associated with a solo rôle (the title 'First Harmonium Concerto' in fact alludes to the possibility that this is the first essay in the genre, rather than to any intention of the composer's further to add to it), are summed up in the titles of the outer movements of the specimen for violin; 'Quirk'. They are, in a word, quirky. The mandolin, aided and abetted by the percussionist (playing some objects not normally identified as musical instruments), romps through two fast movements with definite echoes of Hague/Andriessen style, with minimalistic, motoric motion and a plethora of rhythmic surprises; the middle movement is chromatic and melancholy. The harmonium concerto explores looping, minimalistic cells, then unexpectedly veers into surreal, pseudo-kitschy film-noir music and incongruous special effects, animal noises and something of the fairground. The violin concerto shares with the other two an objective clarity and a similar jaunty eccentricity, with unusual playing techniques required of the soloist. The eagle of the title is a bird cry incorporated into the atmospheric nature-painting of the ethereal central slow movement. Martine Sikkenk (mandolin), Dirk Luijmes (harmonium), Heleen Hulst (violin), Asko/Schönberg; Etienne Siebens.


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