WOLFGANG MITTERER (b.1958): Massacre.

Catalogue Number: 12M087

Label: col legno

Reference: WWE 1CD 20294

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: Massacre takes its basic textual material from Christopher Marlowe's 'The Massacre at Paris', fragments of which can be heard vocalized by characters based on those of the Elizabethan drama but in Mitterer's version depersonalized and generalized to types rather than identified by name. The global theme of the opera is the religious pretexts for politically motivated war, and in contemporary terms Mitterer specifically refers to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. The music relies heavily on a spatialized tape part, a musique concrète multi-layered tapestry of found sounds, electronically generated or altered sounds and fragments of music from the 21st and earlier centuries. This provides a sense of historical continuity, against which the harshly declamatory presentation of the texts denote the repetitive brutality of history, identical conflicts turning up again and again with ever new excuses. The ensemble parts are frequently improvised, within a controlled structure, rendering the instrumental action entirely 'contemporary', existing only within the context of the current performance at whatever time that is taking place. Texts included. Elizabeth Calleo, Valérie Philippin (sopranos), Nora Petrocenko (mezzo), Jean-Paul Bonnevalle (countertenor), Lionel Peintre (baritone), Remix Ensemble; Peter Rundel.


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