JONATHAN POWELL (b.1969): Drempel, ANDREW POPPY (b.1954): How the Hammer Felt, DAVE PRICE: Lee's Game, PAUL NEWLAND (b.1966): Trance, HOWARD SKEMPTON (b.1947): In Tandem, JOE CUTLER (b.1968): Sikorski B, FINN PETERS: The Horses Screamed, GEOFF HANNAN (b.1972): Bubblegum.

Catalogue Number: 12M089

Label: NMC


Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Joe Cutler's ensemble regularly presents the entertaining, accessible end of the British contemporary music spectrum, happily incorporating elements of jazz, popular music and minimalism and working in close collaboration with composers (three of the featured composers are actually members of the ensemble); this CD presents a nice cross-section of what they're all about. Powell's piece is a free-form exploration of material presented at the outset, with vigorous jazzy drumming at its climax, featuring an Arabic drum, while the Poppy, Skempton and Newland use repeating gestures in a post-minimalist idiom, each in their own way, as does Cutler's own, hypnotic tribute to Polish minimalist Tomasz Sikorski. Price's Lee's Game assembles sampled vocal fragments and makes a beatbox-style rhythmic track of them, accompanied by minimalistic instrumental gestures; Hannan borrows fragments of music and sound effects from various popular sources, played by the ensemble, and makes of them a lively collage. Peters' piece is at once atmospheric and menacing, with a fluid electronic part behind free-jazz style improvisation with extended technique and electronic effects. Noszferatu.


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