ADALBERT GYROWETZ (1763-1850): Piano Trios in E Flat, Op. 23/2, in B Flat, Op. 28/1, in D Minor, Op. 14/2 & in A, Op. 12/1.

Catalogue Number: 12N034

Label: New Classical Adventure

Reference: 60231

Format: CD

Price: $23.98

Description: The Op. 12 and Op. 14 sonatas date from 1790-92 and were made for the discriminating demands of London audiences and players; accompanied piano sonatas which demand great skill from the pianist, while the strings are generally along for the ride. The other two date from 1798-99 and are much more in the tradition of the piano trios of Haydn, Mozart and Kozeluch, the pianist sometimes approximating the role of soloist in a concerto. Trio Fortepiano.


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