ZHOU LONG (b.1953): Five Elements for Flute and Orchestra, The Deep, Deep Sea for Piccolo/Flute, Harp, Percussion and Strings, CHEN YI (b.1953): The Golden Flute for Flute and Orchestra, BRIGHT SHENG (b.1955): Flute Moon for Alto Flute/Piccolo, Timpani, Harp and Strings.

Catalogue Number: 12N083

Label: BIS

Reference: CD-1739

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: 41 of the 71 minutes here are of new recordings. Zhou Long's 26-minute concerto from 2008 applies his delicate blend of Eastern and Western impressionism, which will be familiar to those of you who remember The Deep, Deep Sea, to depictions/impressions of "Metal", "Wood", "Water", "Fire" and "Earth" while Chen Yi's The Golden Flute (1997/2008) is a three-movement concerto in which the composer imitates the sound of the bamboo flute and the clay ocarina-like instrument of her native China and which require the dazzling technique with which the soloist here is associated. Sharon Bezaly (flute), Singapore Symphony Orchestra; Lan Shui. Deep Deep Sea originally released 2007, Flute Moon originally released 2000.


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