ALAN HOVHANESS (1911-2000): Symphony No. 3, Op. 148 (Symphony of the Air, Oct. 14, 1956), ROY HARRIS (1898-1979): Symphony No. 7 (first version) (St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Jan. 9, 1955), HOWARD HANSON (1896-1981): Symphony No. 4, Op. 34 "Requiem" (NBC Symphony Orchestra, Jan. 2, 1944), IGOR STRAVINSKY (1882-1971): Symphony in C (NBC SO, Feb. 21, 1943), KARL AMADEUS HARTMANN (1905-1963): Symphony No. 2 "Adagio" (Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra, May 25, 1955), PAUL HINDEMITH (1895-1963): Symphony in E Flat (NBC SO, Feb. 28, 1943).

Catalogue Number: 12N095

Label: Guild

Reference: GHCD 2379/80

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Another exciting batch of relatively rare repertoire, led by the only available recording of Hovhaness' Third of 1956, a three-movement work of 26 minutes, in which his mature period of exotic Eastern melodic and thematic experimentation is in full bloom. Harris often revised his symphonies and the Seventh was no exception. This won the Naumberg Prize in 1953 yet Harris extensively revised it for a new premiere performance late in 1955. But this one is from January of the same year and is the only surviving recording of its original version.


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