GEORG SCHUMANN (1866-1952): Symphony in B Minor "Preis-Symphonie", Serenade for Large Orchestra, Op. 34.

Catalogue Number: 12O001

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 464-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: So far, we've only had two choral discs and a chamber music one from this Reinecke student. This is more like it! This 44-minute symphony was written in 1886 while still at the Leipzig Conservatory, submitted to a competition the next year and beat out 57 other symphonies to win, making him famous across Germany. Plainly, as a Reinecke student, Schumann was not in the Wagner-Liszt orbit and this symphony has the youthful freshness and melodic inventiveness of the young Mendelssohn - in its first movement, you're in the world of the Scottish Symphony and Fingal's Cave. The half-hour long Serenade dates from 1902 and was written as a cheerful piece of program music (Schumann even provided a sketch about a rejected lover) in the vein (but not the musical style) of Richard Strauss. Three of its five movements - "Under Way", "Nocturnal Phantom", "Serenade", "Intermezzo" and "Finale" - are pictorial and give the composer ample opportunity to display his wit and felicitous orchestration. Schumann wrote two other symphonies and many other orchestral works. Will we hear more? Munich Radio Orchestra; Christoph Gedschold. Munich Radio Orchestra; Christoph Gedschold.


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