ALFREDO CASELLA (1883-1947): Introduzione, aria e toccata, Op. 55, Partita for Piano and Small Orchestra, Op. 42, Excerpts from the Opera La donna serpente.

Catalogue Number: 12O003

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573005

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: One World Premiere Recordings out of these three works from what the Italians call "the Fascist twenty-year" or what we know as Casella's third stylistic period: the 1933 Introduzione... which recyles music (with significant alterations) from his Concerto romano for organ and orchestra and Sinfonia for trumpet, clarinet, cello and piano while providing a wholly new piece for the Introduction."The Snake Woman" was a 1932 opera to the same libretto as Wagner's Die Feen, magical and comical by turns and the six extracts from it have got to be among the most vivid and colorful of all Casella's music (noted as a first recording on the tray-card which is true because, even though the Chandos recording came out first, this one was recorded some months before the Chandos). This is only the only second CD recording of the Casella, a three-part ("Sinfonia", "Passacaglia" and "Burlesca") neo-classical work of impressive proportions and 30 minutes in length. Sun Hee You (piano), Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma; Francesco La Vecchia.


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