GIOVANNI BATTISTA FONTANA (c.1571-1630): Sonata 14 a 3, Sonata 9 a 2, Sonata 3 a violino solo, Sonata 1 a cornetto solo, Sonata 2 a violino solo, Sonata 17 a 2 canti e basso, Sonata 4 a cornetto solo, Sonata 7 per violino e cornetto, Sonata 12 a 2, GIOVANNI BATTISTA BUONAMENTE (c.1595-1642): Sinfonia 6, Gaillarda, Corrente, Sonata 4 a 2, Sonata 9 a 3 "Questo e quel luoco", Sonata 1 a 3, Brando 3.

Catalogue Number: 12O013

Label: Accent

Reference: ACC 24253

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: As opposed to multiple-composer "early Italian violin music" releases, this concentrates on the ornate and highly ornamented Fontana pieces and the far more simple and "incidental" works by Buonamente. Violin and cornet are the solo instruments; continuo provided by dulcian, archlute, harpsichord and organ. Le Concert Brisé; William Dongois (cornet).


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